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Used 2012 Starcraft AR-1 15RB Travel Trailer

Used Starcraft AR-1 15RB Travel Trailer
Used Starcraft AR-1 15RB Travel Trailer

Retail Price: $12,785
Sale Price: $8,995

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Dutchmen 814 Travel Trailer

814 Dutchmen rvfloorplan
814 Dutchmen RV

Retail Price: $13,581
Sale Price: $9,995

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Dutchmen 814 Small Travel Trailer

The Dutchmen 814 is a well thought out rv camper. It is a single axle camper that weighs under 3000 pounds. It has a cargo capacity of proximally 800 pounds. Most small campers this size will usually have a furnace. This unit does have a furnace but what makes it unique is that it has automatic ignition. No need to get the lighter out, turn button A, hold button B, lite the pilot, and release after 60 seconds. No, this furnace you just turn it on and set the thermostat. The same is true for your refrigerator.

Small travel trailers often feel cramped and confined. The 814 has a very roomy feel for such a small camper. The dinette which makes down for your main bed is larger than some of our full-size RV’s.

The bathroom is a dry bath. This means that when you take a shower not everything in the entire bathroom gets wet. In many small campers when you take a shower the toilet, sink, and other areas get wet and require it to be wiped down and dried afterwards. This shower has a small tub along with a shower curtain which confines the water to the floor of the tub. This is just another unique feature that Dutchmen has included in this unit.

Fully self-contained and ease of towing makes this small unit a leader in its genre. Take a close look and contact DutchmenTravel-Trailer.com for more information.

Dutchmen 815 Travel Trailer

815 Dutchmen rvfloorplan
815 Dutchmen RV

Retail Price: $13,980
Sale Price: $9,995

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Dutchmen 815 Small Travel Trailer

The Dutchmen 815 is a great bunkhouse camper if you are looking for a small unit. It is a one axle travel trailer that weighs just shy of 3100 pounds. It has the capacity of allowing you to carry an additional thousand pounds of cargo. That is an outstanding feature in such a small unit.

Small campers can be claustrophobic. Not the 815!!! While the space is tight, access to the oversized dinette and to the bunks are very accessible.

You will find the bunks quite comfortable to sleep in. They are unique for a small RV because of the width of the bunks. They are wider than some you will find in much larger units.

This unit is totally self-contained and you will find it to be towing friendly. If you are looking for a small unit Contact us at DutchmenTravel-Trailer.Com for more information.

Dutchmen 816 Travel Trailer

816 Dutchmen rvfloorplan
816 Dutchmen RV

Retail Price: $14,444
Sale Price: $9,995

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Dutchmen 816 Small Travel Trailer

The 816 is our only small campers of our three mini RVs that offers a queen walk around bed. Weighing in at under 3500 pounds this small camper offers a roomy feel that is hard to find in a unit this small. With the queen bed and oversized L-shaped dinette sofa, sleeping arrangements will be found quite functional.

Your extra gear can reach up to 700 pounds pretty easily. This small camper can handle the task since it has 728 pounds of cargo capacity without overloading it.

The larger Windows in this unit allows plenty of light in that will make you feel you're in a much larger RV.

This small travel trailer is completely self-contained and you will find it to be a breeze to tow. Contact us at DutchmenTravel-Trailer.Com for more information.

Small Travel Trailers— Small Lightweight Campers

Lightweight travel trailers are designed for the person looking for a small camper that is easy to tow, yet comfort for a pleasurable camping experience. With an aerodynamic front and weights of just above and just below 3000 pounds, the three floor plans available are all designed to be the small camper you're looking for.

Whether you have a small car or a big truck or anything in between these three floor plans are towable by any of them. The ease in towing a small camper doesn't get better than our Mini travel trailers.

With three models to choose from you have floor plans to meet your needs. The Dutchmen 814 gives you a large front dinette and a side sofa. The Dutchmen 815 gives you a bunkhouse floor plan with oversize bunks, a front dinette, and a dry bath. The Dutchmen 816, unbelievably, gives you a front walkaround queen bed. L-shaped sofa dinette, and a great feel.

You won't feel like you're roughing it in any of these floor plans. They are all fully self-contained and have refrigerator, automatic ignition furnace, water heater, cook top range, and incredible storage.

If you're looking for a small travel trailer or lightweight camper you need look no further than the Dutchmen Mini rvfloorplans.

Small travel trailers with big value. That describes our lightweight campers by Dutchmen. For more information contact us at DutchmenTravel-Trailers.Com

What Is a Small Travel Trailer?

Years ago almost all campers were small. Today however, they are being built big enough that it takes a real heavy truck to pull some of them. While there has been an evolution in campers in regards to getting bigger, there are still a lot of people who have no interest in a giant recreational vehicle. The simplicity of a small unit fills their needs.

The groups of people who are looking to buy or own a small travel trailer are an eclectic group. There are seniors that no longer want a big rig, beginners that are just starting, and everything in between.

Why would someone want a small unit when such nice big rigs are so readily available in today's market? The answer is not a simple one. There are many answers to that question. We will cover a few.

Some folks have an extremely low towing capacity, so a small unit is all they can get by with. Some of the same folks with low towing capacity however, have chosen to have an economical way to travel. It allows them to sleep in their own bed, fix their own meals, and pull over while traveling and have a place to take a nap in comfort.

Others have storage issues or constraints. A small camper definitely has advantages in where to store one as well as being easy to tow.

Whatever the reason one might have for deciding on a small unit, the basic information in their decision process should be the same. There are some important factors in making the right decision.

Getting the unit that meets your criteria for towing is a big one. Often times a person will only look at the unloaded vehicle weight and think that it fits the box they need to be in. In reality, they need to look at the unloaded weight including the tongue weight, and the axle weight rating. The difference between the two will tell you how many pounds of cargo you can safely pack into the unit.

The total weight of the unit and the cargo capacity combined should not exceed what your vehicle is rated for. It is easy to find out your rating with a simple search on the internet. You can also find a lot of small campers for sale by searching the internet.

Best wishes in your search for your dream camper and happy camping.

Roger Dale Lee is an avid camper that sells Dutchmen Travel Trailers and Small Travel Trailers

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